GIZ-VTN project supports to initiate the sesame oil extraction centre at Kalvilankuam village in Thunukkai DS division, Mullaitivu district. The target group is marginalized women specially war widows and people with disability and their family members. The selected women do not have enough knowledge on how to start their sesame oil business.

The objective of this Entrepreneurs Development training for the women group is to identify the feasibility of the project and women will get the knowledge about the business development to start the sesame oil extraction centre in their village. Therefore, GIZ-VTN project organized the Entrepreneurs Development training for 3 days from 27th – 29th November 2015 to create awareness and knowledge on business feasibility, business preparation plan and cost effectiveness of the business. The training was done in Kalvilankulam village – Mullaitivu with the participatory method.

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