An entrepreneurship development training programme was conducted at the VTA Centre in Verugal for the vocational training graduates there from 19th to 26th September 2016. The training was conducted by Vocational Training Authority (VTA) trainers. 30 graduates participated in the training programme, 15 of whom were graduates from the VTA Kinniya Centre while the other 15 were from the VTA Verugal Centre. Among them were 7 graduates who want to start a carpentry workshop in Verugal with the help of the SEFI loan system.  The general theme of this training course was that the chances of starting up a business successfully were higher if the proponents were not too young and had sufficient life and work experience. It was stated that it would therefore be preferable that business startups were launched by people who had worked in their profession for some time before embarking on their own ventures.

It was also noted, however, that in the given context, this ideal situation would not always prevail so that complementary measures to promote self-employment and business start-ups by selected Vocational Training graduates are considered reasonable and necessary. After the workshop the students completed their Business Plans and presented them to banks in order to obtain loans. With the help of the banks, the students hope to start their own business enterprises.  During feedback from the Entrepreneurship Development training programme participants, a student indicated that because he had no money or knowledge to start his own business, he had been constantly worrying about his future but, after receiving the training, he now felt much more confident and hopeful about his future.

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