A long-term plan to produce trainees eligible to enter the Kilinochchi SLGTI in 2015

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed on Thursday 27th March 2014 between the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Skills Development (MYASD) and Don Bosco – ORHAN (Organisation for Rehabilitation of the Handicapped) to upgrade their training facilities to the status of satellite centres in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka. The main objective is to improve the quality of the vocational education courses conducted by these training centres in order to enable them to produce trainees with an NVQ Level 3 qualification who would be eligible to enter the Sri Lankan – German Training Institute (SLGTI) which will be established in Kilinochchi in 2015. The Minister of Youth Affairs and Skills Development, Hon. Dullas Alahapperuma, the Additional Secretary to the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Skills Development, Mr. A. R. Desapriya, the Country Director of GIZ Sri Lanka, Ms Randa Kourieh-Ranarivelo, the Senior Advisor to the GIZ VTN Project, Ms Kumudhini Rosa, the Coordinator of the Youth Pastoral Commission of Don Bosco, Fr. Dixon Fernando and the President of ORHAN, Mr. V. Subramaniyam participated in this event.

The Don Bosco and ORHAN satellite centres are the first to have been singled out for the upgrading of facilities in order to provide quality vocational training to students so as to enable them to achieve NVQ Level 3 standard and thus be eligible to enter the SLGTI when it opens its doors to trainees in 2015 in Kilinochchi.

In order to ensure a sufficient amount of qualified candidates for the new training centre, several satellite centres offering vocational training from NVQ Levels 1 -3 have been identified by the GIZ Vocational Training in the North of Sri Lanka (VTN) project and its partners. GIZ supports these partner institutes to help these satellite centres upgrade their facilities and carry out several courses that will help trainees to qualify for entry into the SLGTI as well as enable students to attain the required qualifications that will help them to become qualified trainers who will be in place to join the staff by the time the SLGTI becomes functional in 2015.

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