Social competencies should play an important role in the vocational training, in order to support lifelong learning and promote mutual understanding among the young generation. The VTN project wants to make sure that beside the technical competencies the trainees of the vocational training centres will learn the necessary non-technical competencies required to function effectively in a harmonious and culturally diverse society pursuing meaningful careers as employees, successful entrepreneurs and good citizens.

For this purpose the VTN project developed a module and conducted a pilot training for management and trainers of collaborating centres to integrate the social competencies module into vocational training courses. The module is based on the outcomes of a workshop with national and international experts conducted in December 2013. During the workshop the following topics were identified to improve future life and success in work for trainees:

– Responsible Citizenship
– Effective Communication
– Managing Personal Growth
– Overcoming Personal and Social Problems
– Physical and Spiritual Wellbeing
– Learning to Learn.

To integrate the social competencies module into the vocational training courses the VTN project will support the training centres.

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