The RPL, an assessment process for persons that assesses their competencies acquired through informal, non-institutional learning was conducted on end of November and early December with the support of NAITA in Kilinochchi. Totally 77 applicants who are working in and have relevant experiences on automobile, motorcycle mechanic, electrical, ICT and tailoring were assessed in order to determine the extent to which such person has achieved the required competencies as set out in the relevant National Skills Standard leading to a qualification of the NVQ framework.

Many people in the North who are working in different trades do not possess NVQ certificate, which is essential for them to get their job recognized and certified. It is a matter for regret that people who are working in different trades do not realize the importance of VT and NVQ system. Hence, the RPL opens up their eyes to realize the importance of it and understand more about GIZ VTN.

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