Don Bosco Training Centre - Poonakary

The Vocational Training Centre of the Don Bosco Institute located at Poonagary seeks to serve youth in the remote rural villages of this division. The Centre is located at the A 32 Road connecting the Mannar and Jaffna districts which makes it convenient for young people from the Mannar district to travel there on public transport. Since January 2016, the Centre is able to accommodate up to 50 residential trainees in the newly built hostel on its premises. The trainers at the institute have also been trained in pedagogical methods for better teaching practice and also in the use of the latest technology in the respective fields.

The Centre currently conducts the following training programmes:

  • Baker
  • Information and Communication Technology Technician
  • Electrician
  • Welder
  • Tailor

Students who seek further training up to NVQ Level 6 are able to join the SLGTI in Kilinochchi.

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