NAITA Training Centre - Kinniya

The NAITA Training Centre is located in the heart of Kinniya town with easy access to public transport services. The Centre caters to training needs in ICT by providing multiple technical courses in the field. The Centre will be supported by the GIZ VTN Project to enhance classroom space and to upgrade the ICT lab so as to provide demand driven training to students. The Centre belongs to the NAITA Trincomalee District office and is one of the main government vocational training institutes in Kinniya division which has a population of 100, 000.

The Centre provides the following specialist areas of ICT training up to NVQ Level 4:

  • Information and Communication Technology Technician
  • Computer Hardware Technician
  • Computer Graphic Designer

Trainees who achieve NVQ Level 4 will qualify to join the SLGTI in Kilinochchi for further skills training  up to NVQ Levels 5 and 6.

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