Phase I Training Center - NAITA District Office

At the Phase I Training Center at the NAITA district office in Kilinochchi, NAITA conducts training programs in the following fields:

  • Information and Communication Technology Technician
  • Radio, TV and Allied Equipment Repairer
  • Automobile Mechanic
  • Electrician

Additionally, NAITA will provide English and IT courses to complement the technical training so that trainees will be well prepared for employment and further studies. Phase I training includes a theoretical part and On-the-Job Training (OJT) through which trainees can accumulate practical experience. VTN envisages to collaborate with the private sector in OJT placements in order to ensure that trainees gain the required working experience and prerequisites for employment. Trainees will complete their traineeships with an assessment conducted at the end of their course, which will be carried out according to the standards of the Technical and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC). Those who are successful in passing the assessment will obtain their NVQ level 4 qualification. After obtaining the NVQ level 4, trainees have the choice to enter the labour market, start their own enterprise or apply for training at a higher NVQ level.

The Phase I training courses will be a bridge to the Sri Lankan-German Training Institute (SLGTI). Trainees who successfully complete their level 4 courses will be able to enter courses offered on the NVQ level 5 and higher at the new training institute. Therefore, the NAITA Phase I Training Center will be an important satellite center for SLGTI. VTN is in the process of identifying suitable satellite centers from the respective districts in the Northern Province.

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