For the fourth time, GIZ-Vocational Training in the North and East of of Sri Lanka (VTN) Project organized a vocational study visit “North and East Meet the South” for 116 vocational trainees from the North and East of Sri Lanka (NAITA Phase I training center Kilinochchi, VTA training center Kinniya, and VTA training center Kanthale) from 15th – 21st November 2015. This visit was special and different from the previous visits because for the first time trainees from the Eastern province participated in this vocational study visit.

The trainees attended study programs at several Vocational Training centers of the state and private sector to expand their knowledge and understanding of the vocational sector of Sri Lanka. They visited leading private companies related to their study. This kind of initiative gave an opportunity to the trainees to learn more about an organization, systems, and performance and to learn something new. Likewise, this supplemented the various theories acquired in the classroom for a simultaneous understanding and application.

The trainees were provided opportunities to interact with the trainees from the South. GIZ VTN is certain that the study visit to the south and the interaction with the students of other communities provided another positive experience in their journey of reconciliation and coming to terms with the present peaceful context and developing into wholesome personalities, for what the Government of Sri Lanka is committed.

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