23rd – 25th November 2015: A three-day training was held in November 2015 in Kilinochchi to train trainers from GIZ VTN satellite centres on occupational health and safety. The training was conducted by an expert from the CINCEC campus. On the first day, the topics covered included the country’s legal requirements in relation to occupational safety, factory ordinance, responsibility of stakeholders, standards related to occupational safety, accident prevention strategies and occupational safety in the automobile sector.

On the second day, the training focused on fire and electrical safety including practical demonstrations with a variety of fire extinguishers so that the trainers gained hands-on experience in how to handle all types of fire extinguishers. On the last day, the training centred on first aid and health issues with the trainers being trained with the support of Medical Officers.  They were shown the effects of different types of workplace accidents such as electrical shocks, inhalation of smoke, loud noises, vibrations and bright lights with first aid being practiced by the participants under the guidance of the trainers.

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