Modern teaching methods are a crucial factor for motivating students to learn and for involving them in a way that prepares them for the needs of the labour market. Therefore, the GIZ VTN project conducted a five days training on teaching methods with a mixed group of NAITA and VTA trainers. The workshop was held at the NAITA Centre in Kilinochchi that provided the venue.

An experienced German consultant gave insight into innovative methods that can be used during the training and that encourage the students to fulfill tasks independently and become confident in using machinery and tools and to collaborate with others. “I was impressed how well the participants worked together and how much they took the chance to learn from each other as well”, the trainer Peter Collingro said.

To learn and to practice the new methodology, the trainers worked in small groups to conduct different projects. At the end of the training, the trainers were given a task which they can practice with the students in their training centres. For July, a follow-up training is being planned to give the participants the opportunity to jointly reflect on their experiences together with the consultant.

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