Training on entrepreneurship can be effective particularly for trainees in vocational training programme. As trainees are close to employment life self-employment may be potential option for them. The training on entrepreneurship comprises the topics Communication, Johari window, Goal setting, Personnel entrepreneur competency, Planning and time management, Cash flow, Business counseling, Business Idea generation, SWOT analysis and Leadership. The GIZ-VTN project supported to organise the the entrepreneurship development training for the trainees from its satellite centers in the North and East of Sri Lanka. The programme targeted the trainees who are about to complete their in class training and ready enter in the on the Job training. The idea of this training programme is to sensitize the trainees on entrepreneurship development. Once the trainees complete their on the job training they will be trained in Business plan development. The interested trainees will be facilitated to approach the financial institutions to receive SEPI (Self Employment Promotion Innovative loan scheme) loans.

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