GIZ Vocational Training in the North of Sri Lanka (VT-North) Project is organizing a Study trip for NAITA Phase I trainees of Automobile, Electrical, ICT and Electronics to some selected organizations and companies in Colombo. The students will visit Colombo from October 5th – 12th, 2013. The objectives of this visit are to: (1) familiarize the students with new and different kinds/types of machineries developed by companies, (2) expose the students and to give them ideas on the construction, assembly and market of the machines; (3) give an opportunity to the students learns more about the organizations/Institutes, systems, and performance and to learn something new and (4) to give them a clearer view on the nature of job availabilities of professional vocational trainers with the private sector.

We have taken the opportunity to arrange additional interactive learning sessions in the evenings of the days that they will be in Colombo. The vocational study visit will provide the students an opportunity to learn more about the organizations/institutes, systems, and performances and to get in touch with innovative technology. It also provides them with a clearer view on the nature of job availabilities by creating a platform for discussions with vocational trainers in the private sector. We are certain that the visit to Colombo and the interaction with other students will provide another positive experience in their long journey of reconciliation and in their attempt to come to terms with the unfamiliar peaceful context.

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